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Our Team

At our nursery you will find our leadership team, made up of our manager, Lucy (also Safeguarding Lead and SENCO), Beth (Deputy Manager, Safeguarding Lead and Seedlings Lead Practitioner) and Katie (Growzone Lead Practitioner and Deputy SENCO).  They support our full team ensuring each child at our nursery is safe, happy and learning new things all the time. 


Founder & Owner

Hello, I'm Syreeta, the owner and founder of Willow Tree Nursery

 More about me can be found on the about page under "Willow Tree and me"


Nursery Manager

Designated Safeguarding lead, SENCO

Hi, my name is Lucy and I’m the nursery manager here at Willow Tree. I have worked in nurseries since the age of 16 and my passion for working with children started a few years before when my  niece was born. I couldn’t think of anything that I would rather do than be a part of inspiring young minds, to me working with children is not just a job it’s a passion. I have completed a childcare level 3 qualification as well as currently working towards a team leadership and management qualification. Alongside these and other short courses I have spent a great deal of time learning and exploring the use of loose parts and the benefits this has on child’s development. I believe that any object can have multiple purposes and I enjoy being involved with the children to learn from them and see what ideas they have. A stick is not just a stick when in the hands of a child. A stick has a world of possibilities and I hope to provide an endless number of opportunities for every child that comes through Willow Tree’s door to give them the space to see what is possible.


Level 3 Early years practitioner

 Little Seedlings Lead practitioner

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

I'm Beth, I have worked in nurseries since completing my level 3 qualification at college. I am based with the babies and have worked with them since the beginning of my childcare career. I enjoy watching each child grow and develop and take pride in being a part of supporting them to do so.



Level 3 early years practitioner

Grow zone lead practitioner, Deputy SENCO

Hi, I'm Katie and I have over 15 years of experience in childcare. I love working with children and teaching them new things about the world. I also enjoy sharing my passion for books with the children and love to read stories and create our own stories for their play. 



Level 3 early years practitioner

When I am back home from Uni where I am currently studying Children’s nursing, I help to cover staff holidays at Willow Tree. I love popping In and seeing how much the children have changed from my previous visit. I enjoy singing songs and reading stories to the children.



Level 2 early years practitioner

My love for Childcare started as a teenager, looking after my many nieces and nephews. After many years working in kitchens, I decided to mix both my passions of cooking and childcare and become a nursery assistant chef from then I went on to do my level 2 in childcare and after spending time with the children within the nursery I went on to work in the rooms full time. I have worked in several nurseries as bank staff which landed me here at Willow Tree where I love working alongside such a great team caring for the lovely children who come through our doors each day!



Level 2 early years apprentice

I have been here at Willow Tree from the very beginning, I have seen how the children grow and develop. I love to get Involved with their play and supporting the children to learn new skills.

I have previously been to college to study health and social care which was a part of why I decided this was the career for me.



Level 2 early years apprentice

I have recently started at Willow Tree; I am going to be completing my early years educator qualification. I choose to work with children as it a very rewarding job, seeing what the children get up to and being a part of their growth.

I am excited to learn more and develop my skills as I get to use to my new role.




I’ve spent many years as a parent volunteer for both of my children’s schools. Now that I am happily in retirement,  I am still actively Involved In all their adventures and am more than happy to volunteer my time to them.  As a volunteer I can continue something that has bought me many happy memories and make so many more new ones with the children as they go on their own adventures.

See If you can guess which member of the team I’m related to

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