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Welcome to Willow Tree 

We aim to provide high quality childcare and early education for approximately 35 children per session.

We welcome children from 6 months until they start school.

We are a small nursery with our Seedlings room for our babies and when parents and ourselves feel that they are ready they move to our Growzone space, which is divided into areas to meet the needs of the children until they are ready to start school. We believe all children have something to learn from each other so when it's appropriate to do so, we do bring mixed age groups together.     
Within our rooms you will find natural and everyday household objects that will encourage your child to use their imagination and spark their creativity.  
Also forming part of our core day to day curriculum are the key skills that every child needs to prepare them for starting school: independence, strong communication skills, confidence and pre writing skills.  

We will encourage your child's development through the activities that they show an interest in, as well as introducing them to new ideas, activities and topics throughout the year.  Find out more on our Curriculum page.

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