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Our first few weeks open!

So, it’s been a few weeks since children have made this space their own and what a first few weeks it’s been! We have loved every minute of welcoming our little friends in and their families. Brightening up our magnolia walls with their colourful personalities. We created a shell of a home but it’s not really a home from home till the children came in and made it one. We have been tweaking and finely tuning bits over weekends and evenings, to make sure that our environment truly is what the children want and need. We have been filling our walls with beautiful artwork, pictures of families and other glorious resources. We have loved seeing how the children interact, with not only the adults but the other children. We believe that children have so much to learn from one another and a mixed age range has really shown that to be true. Older siblings dote on their younger siblings as well as those who are adopting big brother and sister roles to the children who are settling in and the younger children are loving copying and following those older children, hanging off their every word. There is still lots to do and we are no where near finished just yet, of course we will be taking plenty of pictures and documenting all those little changes so we can share them, so stay tuned for the never-ending nursery journey!

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